Reviews - Paranormal

A competition between an A list singer and someone who wants to get to the top… Justin MacKenzie is an indie musician and wants nothing more than to be a star. He enters a competition that pits him against Zeli, a singer with insanely long hair and an amazing voice. Zeli is a pop sensation and everything Justin doesn’t like.

Avery Quinn lives in rural Nova Scotia. Her reclusive Aunt Tess has home-schooled her and raised Avery in a heavily sheltered upbringing. Not satisfied with her limited local opportunities, Avery and her friend Julie conspire to move to the big city to study after graduation.

Her Dark Star
Marj W.

SUSPENSE: Finnan Dark Star, once a powerful and philandering warlock, has been trapped inside a magical crystal ball for a thousand years. He was outsmarted by his lover for possession of a prized grimoire and ended up imprisoned by her. Now he is a disembodied consciousness with nothing but the time to watch the world go by.

Piper Thorne decides it’s time for a change and jets off to take a vacation in Ireland. Not looking for love and trying to get away from unwanted attention because of her extremely powerful family, she is determined to spend her vacation unbothered. However, Cian O’Malley, a handsome warlock, spots Piper the minute she walks into his pub and is instantly mesmerized.

With his band, Open Road, and his werewolf form, Ethan has everything his heart desires. At least that’s what he thought until he comes face to face with the hauntingly beautiful Skyler. Now Ethan wants nothing more than to have the one thing he never knew was missing from his life, a woman of his own to love, more specifically, Skyler.