Love Cursed

Gail Johnson

Russell Carr is trapped inside a vintage purse until someone lets him out. When Langley Roberts opens the purse after walking into the old antique shop, she releases Russell—a bootlegger from a different time. However, that isn’t the only unusual thing about this mysterious man. Russell is a genie who can grant her three wishes. But the only thing Langley wishes is for Russell to disappear back to his old life, leaving her alone. When Russell explains to Langley how her wish of him leaving can only be granted after a woman falls in love with him – or if she falls in love with him – Langley starts helping Russ find dates, and researching his family tree in hopes to find a clue to breaking the curse. Will Langley help Russ find a way to free him of the witch’s curse through his family tree and send him back to his bootlegging? Or will she succumb to his charm and fall in love with him, having him stay in her time? 

“Love Cursed” is compelling and intriguing with a witch curse and a genie thrown in, giving this paranormal/fantasy read a fairy tale ending. However, the love story between Langley and Russell seems rushed. Langley’s emotions towards Russell are one of dislike throughout most of the book, but one will quickly see her emotions change for him, leaving readers unsure of where or when this might have happened. Some of the characters names are switched when talking, which leads the reader astray from the story line in confusion, taking away from the excitement of the fantasy. Langley and Russell’s love story is one for the ages. With some content editing and character building, readers are sure to be drawn into love in this first tale in The Bourbon Trail Series. 

Stephanie Bell