Whiskey and Witches (Unlucky Charms #2)


The story starts with an accident involving the heroine, Roisin O’Malley, her son Aeden, and her sister Meg. Roisin and Aeden are saved by a mysterious man and Roisin has no idea who caused the accident or why. However Meg perished while Roisin was left horribly scarred and Aeden developed vocal damage. It is obvious that someone wants the sister’s magic to stop a prophecy involving the O’Malley and O’Connor families from coming true and Aeden is a key component. Unfortuantely, Aeden develops horrible nightmares after the accident which leads his father, Carrick, to determine any reminder of the accident, including Roisin, will trigger night terrors. Carrick decides it is best if he convinces the world Roisin is dead and Meg survived. This does not allow Roisin to see Aeden, which breaks Roisin's heart and damages Carrick and Roisin’s relationship severely. Somehow Roisin must find who is behind the murder attempts in order to save her son and once again establish a relationship with him, even if her marriage does not survive.

This paranormal story takes the reader on a roller coaster of emotions! The mysterious story line about the O’Malley family prophecy is beautifully played out and causes the reader to feel a need to figure out what happened. With that said, it may be very confusing to first time readers, as the plot begins right in the middle of what seems like an overall story already in progress.This manifests in a lack of understanding of how the secret identity was successfully done, and what caused much of the events that propel the story. The second chance romance is also resolved in a way that feels somewhat abrupt and unrealistic. With a bit more time spent helping first time readers understand the backstory and more attention spent on character development, both in understanding the motives of characters such a Ronan, and in the second chance romance aspect, this story is sure to win hearts all readers. Of course, those who have followed the series to this point will more than likely be absolutely delighted and aching for more!

TJ Mackay