A Deal with Darkness (Eternal Night #2)

Alexis L. Menard

Isoldra Maan is a hound for Haalarcus, the Lord of Lost Souls. She is indebted to him and must hunt souls for him, 250 to be exact. When a series of plagues begin to occur, Haalarcus offers Isoldra her freedom if she agrees to work with a watcher known as Evander. He is a divine raven figure of the God of Sun and Sand, Arran. Isoldra jumps at the chance to earn her freedom, and together, she and Evander attempt to uncover the heretic who is causing the plagues that threaten to destroy their world.

“A Deal with Darkness” is the second book of this series, however, it can be read as a standalone as it takes place before the events in the first book. The beginning of the book starts out strong with a very rough and tough female lead character. The interactions between Isoldra and Haalarcus are entertaining and fun. The heat between the two is undeniable. There are a few twists in the plot of the story, some predictable and others are quite surprising. There are also quite a few moments in the story that are very graphic and gory, and the plot itself feels a little rushed at times. If the book were a bit longer, there would be room for more explanation of the events that occur. Without that, readers may become confused as the story progresses. Nevertheless, Ms. Menard knocks it out of the park with her character development and the spicy moments that occur between them. Readers who enjoy slow-burn enemies to lovers’ tropes are sure to love this dark fantasy!

Jennifer Shepherd