I Dream of Demigods (The Law of Love Book 1)

Alexa Sullivan

Rowan Baird is a witch with defective powers. Living a mundane life as Technical Writer at a large supernatural law firm in Portland, she endures her coworkers’ ridicule with the support of her best friend, and more talented witch, Tabitha. Alex Kouris is her new boss and IT director. On his first day on the job, Alex and Ro succumb to their surprising attraction and share a kiss. The smooch doesn’t merely feel magical; it IS magical. Rowan coughs up a mysterious crystal, and suddenly she’s manifesting a multitude of extraordinary talents. Ro later learns that Alex is a Stygian demigod, a supernatural known for using their seductive charisma to charm victims into giving up their souls to Hades. Alex wants to break his contract with the Underworld, but will he be able to convince Ro that what they share is real chemistry, and not just Stygian deception?

This sweet paranormal is as fun as a laser pointer salesman in a cat café! Prepare to stretch the imagination and shove aside disbelief. Witches, werewolves, and vampires populate a wacky world where spells can be googled and fae have their own trashy reality show. The Familiar Placement Agency matches Rowan with Lenti, named after the most beautiful of cloud formations. The adorable little feline familiar loves “cheese stuff”. Get it?  Together with Tabitha, the three of them play office detective while Rowan fights to keep from falling in love with Alex. “I Dream of Demigods” is a rom-com debut which will have lovers of cheesy plot points reaching their paws out for the next one!

Joan Lai