Fallen (The Vampire Syndicate #4)


Twilight is a vampire hunter. She’s been working for Slayers, Inc. for quite a while now and is ready to call it quits, but after she tries to make a run for it, she is tracked down and told that she must do one more job for them to make things right, and she will be protected from the organization in return. The job is more dangerous than most. She must become a blood thrall, or a slave to a vampire, in order to get close to and slay a very powerful vampire by the name of Brien. Brien is the Crown Prince of the Maritime Vampire Syndicate, so this is a tall order for Twilight. Can she stay on course with her mission, or will she be completely distracted by the incredibly handsome Crown Prince?

“Fallen” is the fourth book in The Vampire Syndicate series, but can certainly be read as a standalone. Readers will have no problem diving into this immersive world with all of its lovable and smoking-hot characters. This is an excellent enemies-to-lovers vampire romance with great character development. Readers will absolutely love seeing Twilight and Brien’s relationship grow throughout the story. Twilight is constantly surrounded by enemies, so her and Brien must work together and develop trust between one another. Watching that relationship develop is what makes these characters so unforgettable. “Fallen” is full of lust, love, and violence that readers won’t be able to get enough of. This world that Ms. Rivard has created really has it all!

Jennifer Shepherd