The Vampire's Witch


MYSTERY: When a witch wanders into vampire territory, Roman De Luca, the vampire Prince of the Northern Territories, is mesmerized. Suddenly, the witch is attacked by a monster, and Roman feels compelled to save her and heal her with his blood. Isabella Lockhart, a gifted hunter for her coven of witches, works for a security team known as Orion, and their main goal is to kill monsters. When the unlikely pair collides, and Roman claims Isabella as his own, they must survive the danger that surrounds them and set aside their differences, as Isabella becomes the hunted instead of the hunter.  

“The Vampire’s Witch” is a spinoff of The Rise of Orion series, but it can be read as a standalone. This enemies-to-lovers paranormal story is very well-written, and it is chock full of love, lust, deception, heartbreak, and some very unexpected twists and turns throughout. The characters are very well developed throughout the book, and readers will find it very easy to fall in love with all of them. Ms. Davies does not hold back on the spicy scenes either, and readers will be entranced by the connection between the characters. The premise is incredibly entertaining, and the story moves very fluidly. Readers will easily fly through this book. The scenes in “The Vampire’s Witch” are perfectly painted and readers will find themselves swept away by the story of Roman and Isabella. Fans of supernatural romance stories, specifically the enemies-to-lovers trope, will not want to miss this spicy and suspenseful read!

Jennifer Shepherd