Tempting the Sheriff - Sherwood Forest Shifters, Book 1


Young lovers split by the call of war and a life on the run are reunited by fate, destiny, chance, or whatever the name of the thing that happens in life when you least expect it. Robynne, fox-shifter and exceptional archer, becomes an outlaw to escape her forced betrothal, and to watch over her younger brother. Daniel, dragon-shifter and former Crusader knight, returns from war disillusioned about life and charged with bringing law and order to Nottingham by acting as sheriff. The Merry Men, a rag-tag group of shifters, including Robynne's brother Robert, rob rich nobles passing through Sherwood Forest. Daniel and Robynne secretly rekindle their relationship while trying to find a way to manage the Merry Men's mayhem, to continue helping the villagers, to escape the hangman's noose, and find a way to be together forevermore.

"Tempting the Sheriff" is a funtastical twist on the tale of Robin Hood. The main characters are both heroic and humble with a scorching chemistry. The supporting characters are funny individuals who bring levity to the tale, with a couple of standouts stealing some of the spotlight. The only drawback in the tale are the predictable villains whose evil deeds are only unsavory rumors and a weak show of malice; however their vanquishing is sufficiently satisfying. Using each main character's shifter point of view is a unique way of describing landscape and providing backstory. Adding even more comedy with their inner conversations is also a stroke of genius. Anna Lowe uses brilliantly whimsical storytelling to flip the classic tale of Robin Hood with a new spicy and comical point of view that is enchanting!

Tonya Mathenia