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Sybille Esmond has overcome one enemy to find herself facing another. Now that their enemy, the Ossians, hasbeen vanquished, she's left with the spirits of Bloodthirsters seeking a way to the After Life. If only she knew how to get them there and out of her house!

Lady Diana has only ever loved one man. She put her heart on the line at sixteen and lost, but she has never forgotten her childhood friend, Edward, the Earl of Calverston. Neither has she married. Instead, she established an investigative service and several charities to occupy her time. But now Edward is back!

Winter Storm

Willow Daniels is frantically driving in a snow storm with a gun pointed at her. Her nerves get the better of her, and of all places, she drives the gun-bearing, wounded stranger to her home! Her kindness takes over as she manages to clean his wound and allows him to pass out in her guest bedroom.

Ghosts of New England: Skullery Bay
Nancy Fraser, Kathryn Hills, and
Lisa A. Olech

Three authors have come together to write this beautiful anthology that has a touch of paranormal and historical romance. These four stories follow the life and death of a pirate and his true lady love, as well as their ancestors who find love while trying to bring Fairwinds back to life like it used to be.

Jinx McGee is the outcast of her family and has been different for as long as she can remember. She is a demon hunter, who saw her first demon when she was 5 years-old while looking in the mirror. She is no ordinary demon hunter and is possessed by a demon who has occupied her body since she was a child. While Jinx is hunting, another demon tries to pull Jinx’s demon out of her body.