Edenhart's Rivalry (Kingdom of the Faeries Book 1)


Aurora, the princess of Edenhart, is in for an unfortunate turn of events as everything she’d ever known is about to fall at her feet. As she’s left the last heir on the throne, she’s forced to reign over her kingdom sooner than she wanted. However, to make matters worse, she and her trusted Flight Captain, Percy, discover a prophecy that threatens her world. Not only does Aurora have to worry about the war just on the horizon, but she also has traitors hiding amongst her trusted court, forcing the faerie to put up mental defenses to protect herself. The question that remains is how will Aurora save her home from destruction?

Readers must forget everything they thought they knew about fantasy plots because this author will insert one into a world that’s unbeatable to other faerie worlds! Ms. Tomczak’s beautiful world building skills will shock all readers to their cores. The incredibly passionate slow-burn between the protagonists will also keep readers on the edge of their seats in anticipation. The plot, unfortunately, does start off a bit slow, which means it will take a while for readers to become immersed in the tale. However, the action increases rapidly in the middle and keeps the reader engaged until the end. The main character acts a bit young for her intended age, but her bravery and courage do develop wonderfully in the end. Get ready to fall in love with this plotline, because it will grab readers’ heartstrings and tug on them all the way until the end. 

Austen Grace