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Publish or Perish

Emma O’Manny’s life is crashing down around her. Just days after her husband asked for a divorce and took off with his mistress to Hawaii, he dies in a mysterious plane crash. She has conflicting emotions, angry at him for betraying her, but heartbroken for her two kids who lost their father.

Room Service and Murder

Casey Cooper was promoted to her new position at the Fountain Rose Resort and Spa after a scandal with her manager and a co-worker.  Her new title of Director of Customer Relations means that she works closely with celebrities.  She becomes close friends with soap opera actress Phoebe Phord during her visits to the hotel.  When Casey goes to Phoebe’s room to deliver a package that she was urgen

Playing Jasper

Jackie Smith is a reporter at a small newspaper in Wisconsin.  When she starts working for a local winery with reported mob connections and meets Jasper, her life changes forever.  Jasper is a confident ladies man who isn’t used to taking "no" for an answer.  He continues to pursue Jackie as she becomes close to her co-workers.  Jackie has to decide if she wants to be in a relationship with Jas

Midnight’s Redemption

Mack Butler is not your average hero.  He is a Cynn Crour (they protect humans) and a former Scatha Cruor (they hunt and sell humans into slavery).  When Jasmine meets him, he has abducted her supposedly to keep her safe from the Scatha Cruors.  Things are even more tenuous for her because she is blind and only has her dog Mutt with her.  She is terrified both of the man who has taken her but a

When teen-aged werewolf Heidi is left dead on her pack’s doorstep in Silverton, CA, Ali, the pack’s accountant and second-in-command goes against pack rules and teams up with vampire Eli, Assistant Director of the Interracial Enforcement Agency (IEA) to find her murderer.  The two investigate Heidi’s death with the assistance of an eager demon informant named Jack and two agents of IEA, hoping