Fractured Kiss (Fractured Rock #4)


Cassie Elliot is living the dream! Working as a guitar tech for a hot band is everything she wanted, especially when it put her in close quarters with her fiancé… that is, until he cheats on her in his dressing room. Now left in an uncomfortable position, Cassie must navigate how to move on. That comes in the form of Zac Ford, the bassist. Their connection is undeniable and they decide to utilize that natural chemistry to put on a fake relationship for everyone to watch. Cassie knows Zac doesn’t do relationships. Zac knows that women don’t love him for him. It’s a perfect match.

“Fractured Kiss” is an endearing novel of forgiveness and the lengths one will go to find true love! Cassie is a woman who suffers a lot of heartbreak in the beginning of the novel, and how she deals with it and finds a way to move forward is something readers will relate to. Her relationship with Zac is one full of balance and chemistry. She is the yin to his yang, and their interactions feel easy though it’s not without flaws. Some readers will find this realistic, while others might find it off-putting. Zac is a complicated soup of emotions and history, and Cassie seems to find the best way to make him better. The pacing is fairly strong in the beginning then halts for a moment right before the end. While there are plenty of twists in the story to keep readers engaged, the conclusion feels a bit rushed—though it is still satisfying. Overall, it is an entertaining book that will let readers escape to a better place for a few hours.

Chelsea Andersen