The Blissful End (The Djinn #3)


Mira is a Djinn who is determined to keep the rest of her kind free from enslavement. The more she dives into her work, the more she can forget her painful past. As she deep dives into her quest, she discovers that a magician is selling Djinn blood on the black market. For what purpose, she’s not sure. Rook, the mystery magician, claims he’s only taking the blood from those who are willing to give it. His heart seems to be in the right place, and he says everything she wants to hear. Somehow, he can see into her soul and make everything feel okay. But Mira doesn’t trust her heart, nor is she sure that she can when so much hangs in the balance. Especially when Rook might be too good to be true.

“The Blissful End” takes readers on an emotional rollercoaster through a world of magic that will leave them breathless and satisfied! Ms. Gayle has a way of stringing together words that really grip the soul. The characters all spring to life from the page. Mira is a strong heroine that readers will connect with instantly. Rook is a man of mystery, not fully good and not fully bad and always keeping one guessing. Together, their chemistry is natural and potent. There is a bit of time hopping between the present and the past which Ms. Gayle manages well, though at first it’s a bit jarring. Eventually, all of the pieces fall together in a wonderful way. Ms. Gayle does a wonderful job of taking a familiar genre and giving it just enough twists to keep it refreshing. While certain elements might still be a tad predictable, this doesn’t take away from the overall enjoyment of the story. Readers will not want to put this book down!

Chelsea Andersen