Metalsome Hearts (Metalsome Rock #1)


CONTEMPORARY: Jess wanted a nice life, one where she could help people and have the love and family everyone desires, but all that changed when she got involved with her ex-boyfriend, Henry,  and found herself in a life filled with pain and domestic violence that often left her with broken bones and too many bruises to count. Now, she’s on the run and a beautiful rock god named Diego seems to be the lifeline she needs. Diego is haunted by the nightmare of his childhood up until he met his adopted family, but his violent past only makes him want to help the beautiful Jess even more. Little did he know offering his home as a safe place for Jess to recover would lead to something so much more than just a journey of healing - for both of them.

This story of recovery will require tissues and preparation for the reader's heart to swoon. Jess’s perseverance in the face of what she has lived through is both remarkable and beautifully written. The way in which her trauma affects her allows the reader to feel truly immersed in the character. How Diego cares for her as she slowly comes back from her pain, and how he prepares her to face what could still happen, fills the reader with warmth. Please be aware that this story does have themes of domestic violence. There are some points when the characters' thoughts about one another conflict with a thought they recently had, which can throw the reader out of the story. With a little more attention to inner monologue, this story will be one for the ages.

Annalee Stilove