The Shadows Heir (The Cursed Queens)

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Myra is not just devoted to the goddess of death; she is a direct descendant. Stulla’s followers are often misunderstood and even persecuted so Myra works to keep her powers a secret. Forced from her home at a young age because of these powers, she was in the servitude of Queen Amelia for many years. Now, free from Amelia she is ready to start anew in the Kingdom of Oxare. Prince Alvis has offered her not only passage to Oxare but a job too, but Myra wants to be far away from anyone with ties to her past. When times get tough, Myra finds herself at the castle against her best judgment, working alongside Alvis to foil a plot to free Queen Amelia. The closer she gets to Alvis the more she worries the truth of her powers will come out and everything she has been working toward will be taken from her again.

Fans of the fantasy genre won’t want to miss this quick read. Myra’s character is sweet and strong, but vulnerable because of the persecution she has faced. This tale exhibits excellent character development as she learns to trust in her powers and in those who care about her. Alvis is easily likable, but always does what he is expected to do and hasn’t learned to follow his own heart and path. As Alvis learns to put himself first, both characters grow and the sparks fly. The chemistry between them is incredible. Their journey from friendship to lovers is paced wonderfully. Intermixed with the romance is political intrigue and plenty of fantasy adventure. An absolutely delightful read!

Cara Cieslak