The Angel Project (TAP series #1)

Science Fiction

THRILLER: With her debut sci-fi thriller novel coming out, Channing Walker is an upcoming author sensation who has a huge secret: everything in the book is the retelling of her life story. As a child, Walker was part of an experiment called The Angel Project. Her parents were both active scientists involved in this experiment, and when she showed signs of being a successful child participant, her dad killed her mother in front of her own eyes to try and protect his child. Now Channing wants answers. What exactly is this chip in her brain, what is the full extent of its power, and especially, can it be removed? The book might gain enough attention to get her these answers, or it might get her and everyone she loves killed.

This tale  is filled with enough surprises to keep any thriller lover turning the page! Please note, this book contains themes of domestic violence, domestic homicide, sexual assault, and human trafficking, reader discretion is advised. The story introduces an intriguing heroine with bravado that inspires. The story does start out slow to a point that may lose some readers before the meat of the story starts. However, the twists and turns that take place once the story gets going will have the reader on the edge of their seat. The science fiction aspect is both thought provoking and suspenseful. The way in which “The Angel Project” starts to unwind and how powerfully it impacts Channing’s life and past pulls at the heartstrings. With a little more attention to the timelines and character depth, this story will be one to remember!

Annalee Stilove