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Bringing new meaning to “Can’t keep a man”, Janie Robinson is convinced her love life is cursed!

Childhood enemies Edward de Wolfe and Cassiopeia de Norville have spent years away from home and family in London training as a diplomat for the King and serving in a household of the Queen’s court.  They have both returned home just in time for a cousin’s wedding celebration to find their once antagonistic relationship blossoming into an intriguing friendship.

Adaptively Radiant
Joseph E.

INSPIRATIONAL/PARANORMAL:  Cousins Justin Blackwood and Kaito Saito inherit one of two mysterious family heirlooms on their 21st birthdays. While enjoying Kaito’s birthday celebration in Japan, the two cousins realize the heirlooms together uncover a secret compartment holding a tiny treasure map leading to a jar holding The Nine Stones.

Maximillian “Max” Abelman, Duke of Longley, is used to running away from everything.  The gypsy in a brothel predicts Max will kiss Lily Ducat. As he holds the tarot card that tells his cursed destiny, he decides to go anyway to the Mayfield Canterbury estate where Lily and her family are staying.

Flynn Elliot has always been more interested in botany than anything else. When his sister drags him to a ball, Flynn knows he is going to be bored and not have fun. As Flynn is wandering out to the moonlit garden, he spies Evie, a beautiful woman who is dancing in the moonlight. Flynn is entranced and can’t help but dance with the beguiling lady.