Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

Sins of an Angel

Nayla is an Angel of Mercy -  one who takes hurt souls and sends them on their way to their rest, until it’s time to be reincarnated. Seeing all of Grant Farris’s pasts, she doesn’t want to be the one who destroys his soul instead of sending it on, but the archangel, Michael, insists.

Conner MacDonald, named for her grandfather who fought at Culloden, is the awaited redeemer of the Celts and destined to bring glory to the Scots through her horsemanship. She also was chosen Daughter of the Blade by the Samurai God's Katana.

Thundered Hearts
Rae Z.

MYSTERY:  Bethany Ann McCallister is a Creek Indian Spirit Walker enmeshed in a world of Indian folklore and kept imprisoned by lies created by her family.

FOLKLORE:  Victoria Storm is trying desperately to keep her pack of werewolves from becoming extinct. Not an easy task when she must fight hunters at every turn, especially when the ones she is fighting are the family of her deceased lover.

After the death of Sabrina, the Great Light, those from Camelot are now reincarnated into the modern day world. Waking up centuries later, the hurt still resides in Nimue’s heart and the only thing she needs from Gawain, her husband, is his blood.