It Started With a Note (Love Started #2)

Meg Easton
Narrator: Liz Crane

CONTEMPORARY: Avery Parks lives a comfortable life. Comfortable, but boring, and she’s determined to shake things up. A spur of the moment decision has her traveling to Brussels to visit an old friend from her childhood. That friend is Nikolas Servais, the soon to be heir of a chocolate empire! They met as part of a foreign exchange program, and have never been able to forget each other. When they reunite after so many years, will their connection still be the same? Avery sure hopes so, or her spontaneous adventure is going to get uncomfortable fast. Nikolas’s conniving mother doesn’t help matters much. Either way, she’s sure to have an unforgettable vacation.

“It Started With a Note” is just the escape readers/listeners need! Avery is a fun character to watch bloom throughout, starting as someone who is mild mannered, to discovering her own voice. Nicholas is sweet and encouraging, making for the perfect partner. Their romance unfolds at a comfortable pace, using a few of the romance genre’s favorite storylines. This is a quick and delightful read.  Ms. Easton takes the time to describe Belgium fully, letting readers fully become immersed in the setting. Creatively, a few more twists could have been added to make the story truly unique. That being said, the book hits all of the right notes to make the adventure sweet. Overall, it’s a great adventure.

Ms. Krane’s performance is full of energy! Her pacing is spot on, keeping the momentum of the book moving even during some of the slower parts of the story. Ms. Krane is able to give all of the characters vocal differentiation, which makes them easier to tell apart, however it would be nice to have more accents within the characters. Some that are native to Belgium do not have an accent, and that causes a disconnect in the atmosphere. All in all though, the book comes to life in this production!

This is a great listen for lovers of travel and romance!

Chelsea Andersen