Black, White and Gray All Over: A Black Man’s Odyssey in Life and Law Enforcement

Frederick Douglass

MEMOIR: Fredrick Douglass Reynolds was born November 5th, 1961 in Detroit. The 1960s were a very turbulent time, especially as a Black child. His great-grandfather was enslaved, and he grew up with racism around every turn. He began to push his luck with the law. After serving some time in Juvenile Detention, he decided to change his life and joined the Marines. His time in the Marines led him to a job in the Compton Police Department. He then chronicles some of the major cases he worked on and how they affected his life. However, he is a Black man as a police officer in an area that is known for gang activity. He worked hard to deliver justice and peace to everyone who crossed his path.

Frederick Reynolds' story is one that must be read with earnestness, so lessons can be learned from his experiences. This is a memoir but would also fit nicely in the true crime genre. There is so much information from the cases that Reynolds worked. He exposes corruption, dives into the complexities of California gangs, and even crosses paths with serial killers. The multitude of stories, dates, and names, along with several nicknames, can get a little overwhelming. However, it is so important to see his point-of-view about systemic racism and how it is so deeply embedded in all parts of our society. Along with the darker side of life, the author also shines a light on what’s good and on the sacrifice of many police officers who are in the job for all the right reasons.

Amanda Hupe