Sensing Danger (Sinclair and Raven #1)

Wendy Vella
Narrator: Alex Wyndham

HISTORICAL: The Sinclair family has been gifted—or cursed—with heightened senses. Their duty is to protect the Raven family from harm. It is a task they’ve been doing for generations, but it is not one that is easy thanks to the Duke of Raven. James Raven is determined to make his own path and not fall for senseless rumors. That is, until Eden Sinclair saves his life and causes him to wonder if perhaps there is such a thing as destiny. Eden has been using her unique gifts to protect him from the outside world…and himself. What she is unsure of is if she can continue to perform her duty, or if it would perhaps be better to step back—to fight her fate—before her heart is broken.

“Sensing Danger” begins with an explosion of events! It captivates its readers right away, drawing them in. Eden and James have a powerful chemistry that drives their actions. Eden is easy to connect with and a strong female lead. James is a bit of a mystery. Sometimes this works for the story, and sometimes it doesn’t, leaving the reader with a sense of not quite knowing who he is. When they’re together is when he truly shines! There are a few places in the book that drag toward the middle, and then at the end things pick back up again. Readers will either love the twist of an ending, or loathe it. For sure, it will definitely be unexpected! The book does sizzle, and the romance elements are believable and tangible.

Mr. Wyndham has a voice that pulls readers in and holds their attention! His ability to create unique vocal tones and pitches for all of the characters helps bring the book to life. It’s clear that he has connected with each and every one of them emotionally as well, making their feelings palpable and real. He’s able to keep the pace moving even during the slower moments of the book. Overall, the production quality is fantastic!

This is a great listen for lovers of historical romances with a supernatural touch!

Chelsea Andersen