Divine Vintage

Sandra L.

Tess Burton loves heirlooms, prompting her to have her own store, Divine Vintage, in Michigan City, Indiana. When Tess gets invited by Carver House’s proprietor to model clothing from Phoebe, an ancestor and the young, doomed bride of Edward Carver, Tess jumps at the chance. In doing so, Tess meets Trey Dunmore, cousin of the owner, who is modeling clothing of Edward. The house has a tragic past. Supposedly, Edward strangled Phoebe to death and committed suicide after killing her. Tess shows up to the mansion to wear the clothes and faints due to past visions of murder. As Tess and Trey discover more about the mystery surrounding Edward and Phoebe’s demise, the love they hold for each other is tested especially when the past threatens to destroy the relationship.

What an amazingly transcendent historical romance that is beautifully written and so remarkably authentically different! The story, the secret-filled mansion, the dazzling clothing, and the historical town of Michigan City instantly transport readers to the early twentieth century quite easily! The mystery of the past murder-suicide pulls the reader along with horror-stricken fear yet gleeful anticipation, making the novel quite a page turner! The book has not only wonderfully captivating characters but simply oozes originality and charm! The intrepid, bohemian heroine Tess adores antiques, and her store sounds like a great place to shop! Even the stoic, cynical Trey is a sublime hero and just the perfect book boyfriend. Sandra Young has written a phenomenal tale that is truly a delight!

Roslynn Ernst