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Priscilla Livingston is a woman who shuns the aristocracy in favor of helping the poor and uses surprisingly adept covert moves to do it. Edmund Hawkins, the Duke Bradenton, is as arrogant and demanding as one might expect in a Regency romance. Yet, with a heart of gold and equal concern for the poor with the means to help, even from the shadows.

Vee is a badass defender against an army of lethally dangerous cryptids. Raised and trained to serve The Company, she’s well equipped to kick butt but has no idea how to share herself and her heart. Bruce is an arrogant, talented, handsome chef whose star is on the rise. He lives life on the edge, including his love life.

DNF: Night Marked has received a DNF from us due to the nature of it's content (MMF/Menage) which violates our steam guidelines.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick

In order to access her trust fund, socialite Nora Atwood must live as an ordinary person for three months or get married. Living as a ‘normal’ work-a-day human is just insanity as far as Nora is concerned, so she decides the best option is a marriage of convenience. Millionaire Anthony ‘Fritz’ Carter is amused when Nora doesn’t recognize him with a beard and believes him to be her chauffeur.

When her parents die, Hadley Hampton is made a ward of the Duke of Hardwick. The duke is estranged from his son, Sebastian, who, nonetheless, continues to write to his father. Hadley reads these letters for the duke, and as time goes by, she begins to fall in love with the duke’s son. When Hardwick dies, Sebastian returns to take over as duke.