From Bricks & Darkness

Young Adult

FANTASY: Baxter Allen has always been a loner, the kid who drifts just under the radar. However, the young high school student is in for a treat when he runs into a man with purple eyes. Once the man hands him a shiny ring with a purple jewel, Bax enters a whole new world of magical creatures called djinn. Bax’s friends, Jason and Ashley, somehow get wrapped into the mess of things when Bax accidentally summons a djinn called Ifrit. This demonic creature digs through Bax’s subconscious in order to fulfill his deepest, darkest desires; however, Bax does not expect the impending, cruel effects that will come from this monster’s mission.

In this thrilling fantasy novel, get ready to be transported into the mystical world where one will be roped into the chaotic mindset of a kid who juggles his real life and the mysteries of the hidden magical world. Mr. Sullivan’s impressively detailed descriptions allows readers to feel like they’re in the story. The plot is a bit dry, since there was a lot more potential for a more interesting storyline. Nonetheless, the hilarious commentary between Baxter and his friends keeps readers entertained throughout the novel. Still, some of scenes at the end are random and confusing, throwing the reader off. However, the world building skills are very impressive, allowing the reader to soak into the fantasy without being rapidly forced into it. There are also a lot more potential plotlines that could’ve been expanded but are cut short, making the story feel rushed. The author still did a wonderful job of tying up loose ends and didn’t leave readers hanging at the end.

Austen Grace