House of Eclipses (House of Eclipses #1)

Casey L.
Young Adult

FANTASY: Noor has one chance at survival: find the crown. She is a daughter of Aten, the human embodiment of Sol. While she has always remained faithful to Sol, she often feels forgotten and unloved. As the youngest Atenas come of age, Sol will be looking to appoint a new Aten to reign over Helios. With a new message from the House of the Moon, Noor and her older sister Citali are taken to meet the new Lumin, the human embodiment of the moon god Lumos. The Lumin will pick his new bride, Noor or Citali, and forge a peace treaty between Helios and Lumina.

“House of Eclipses'' is a wonderfully written tale! The storyline flows with ease and the anticipation over what will become of Noor and her sisters leaves readers on the edge of their seats. The romance is organic and endearing, but it never overshadows the true point of the novel. The story building is absolutely beautiful—the worlds seem nearly tangible, as the detailed descriptions and vivid dialogue evokes the heat and sands of Helios as much as the cold and darkness of Lumina. However, the last chapter or two feel incredibly rushed, with pieces all falling into place magically, causing a lack of believability, but that is where the flaws end. The characters are full of secrets and emotions that leap off of each page. Noor has especially beautiful character development as she learns of her true power, while Citali and Beron are interesting supporting characters with exquisite backstories and motives. Casey L. Bond has written an immersive story with a cliffhanger that will have everyone jumping for part two!

Sadie Wilson