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Another Cinderella

HISTORICAL:  “Another Cinderella” tells the story of Cinderella’s stepsister Atlantia, and the family's fate after the happily-ever-after. With no money or prospects, the stepmother becomes even more adamant that her daughters make advantageous marriages immediately.

Christmas Hotel Reunion
Saundra Staats

Christopher is struggling to accept his wife Jerilyn’s descent into Alzheimer’s disease. He worries for her constantly, even amid his own health struggles. When they have a chance to go back to the Christmas Hotel where they met and have a reunion with those who have become dear friends, they take the chance.

Magnolia Storms
Janet W.

When Maggie Marovich gets the news that her sister is in intensive care and her family needs her, she hurries back to her childhood home. With a hurricane on the horizon and Katrina’s devastation fresh in her mind, Maggie is scared of losing everything again.

HISTORICAL:  Lula Arnsby never wants to be useless, and her dream of becoming a teacher is within reach. Her time at the Spearfish Normal School has been one disaster after another, thanks to the endless pranks Barton Oleson plays on her. Finally, she thinks, she will be free of her tormentor — until he becomes the teacher’s assistant!

Silenced Song

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Thirty years ago, Susanna Morgan escaped the horrific fate of her three friends, and has dealt with the guilt ever since.  When her parents ask her to return to their old home in Parnell, Florida, to pack up her childhood home she reluctantly agrees to go.