Reviews - Inspirational

Cora Anderson (also known as Jade) is an Olympic volleyball player who takes part in a phone company's marketing project, promoting their new phones. She has to pretend to be in a relationship with star hockey player Davis Elliot, who is hoping to get on the Olympic team. They get off to a rocky start. She assumes things about him even before she gets to know him.

Silver Screen Kisses: An Echo Ridge Anthology
Janette Rallison, Heather Tullis, Rachelle J. Christensen,
Cami Checketts, Lucy McConnell

Lacey Johnson dreams of a restaurant of her own, but she talks and dresses like a hick. No one takes her seriously, until Garrett Halifax comes on the scene and makes a lady of Lacey. Maria wants to meet a nice man, and has been corresponding with one on a dating site. She wants to meet him, but a friend also shows interest and she likes him back.

Koda Jacobs desperately needs a nanny for her children, Terry and Ruthie. Fresh out of prison, Dalton Clayton needs a job – any job. Koda meets Dalton when she gets a flat tire after church. Her children bond with Dalton on the spot and on faith, she asks this handsome stranger to be a temporary nanny for her children. Desperate for work, he accepts the position and begins the next day.

Redeeming Honor
E. A.

Meghan Carpenter is happy to give her twin brother Ryan a safe place to recover after he returns home from the war. When Ryan asks to bring home a wounded buddy as well, she agrees without question. A bit more help around her alpaca farm so she can run her yarn business would be appreciated.

Her Good Girl

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Sadie Tremont is tired of doctor's. Growing up, her mother has insisted that she has had one mysterious illness after another. Her mother often demands that doctors see her and treat illnesses they can never find.  Sadie is starting to suspect that all the sickness and Tari Lynn's remedies are slowly killing her.