Another Cinderella


HISTORICAL:  “Another Cinderella” tells the story of Cinderella’s stepsister Atlantia, and the family's fate after the happily-ever-after. With no money or prospects, the stepmother becomes even more adamant that her daughters make advantageous marriages immediately. She also decides that she can only afford to help one daughter — and that leaves Atlantia to take Cinderella’s place as the family servant. Filled with rage and hurt, but running out of options, Atlantia must find a way to survive without letting her emotions overtake her. When a handsome tinker shows some interest, can she put aside her old feelings of pride to take a chance on love?

 This book is a surprising after-story with all new people, but includes the familiar faces of Prince Charming and Cinderella. All the characters, including Atlantia and Theo, are well developed and compelling; readers will be easily drawn into their predicament. Atlantia, though spoiled at first, takes the reader through a believable growth arc as she searches for meaning in her life. Our hero, the tinker, has a hidden past but dreams of love and family. The sparks between these two are palpable as they fight their attraction amidst some palace intrigue and individual circumstances. At times, the setting was vague and details glossed over, but readers will be swept off their feet wondering if they will get their happily-ever-after or have their course of true love thwarted. This is a charming, fresh take set on a fairy tale in Cinderella’s world. Ms. Bastedo is definitely an author to watch.

 Kate Campbell