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YOUNG ADULT: Michael is the teen protagonist readers follow throughout the story. To make sense of much of the references and backstory, it is recommended to read books 1 & 2 first. Michael’s father had made the Vanish costume in book one to help his son survive on the rough docks of Lowtown, where orphans sometimes go missing.

CONTEMPORARY: Tawni Young is a burned-out school psychologist. Her aunt bids on an auction package and wins, gifting it to Tawni. A weeklong trip to Summer Creek, full of great benefits, and topped off with four days of cooking lessons from non-other than Celebrity chef, Owen Thorpe. Tawni used to have the biggest crush on Owen, and now they’ll be sharing a kitchen!

FANTASY/METAPHYSICAL: Late at night, Katrina burdened by the troubles of the world mutters a brief outburst questioning why Lucifer continues to spread evil in the world. To her surprise, he answers. Guarded and guided by Celestial allies such as the Archangel Michael, Katrina finds herself on a journey to transcend her mortal self and send light to the darkness.

HISTORICAL: It’s the height of the American Civil War, and Roswell, Georgia, is in the path of Union soldiers. Widow Sofie Bishop struggles to hold on to the ruins of her family home, and accepts a humble job at the town’s woolen mill.

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