Sparks in Spearfish (Seven Brides of South Dakota #5)


HISTORICAL:  Lula Arnsby never wants to be useless, and her dream of becoming a teacher is within reach. Her time at the Spearfish Normal School has been one disaster after another, thanks to the endless pranks Barton Oleson plays on her. Finally, she thinks, she will be free of her tormentor — until he becomes the teacher’s assistant! Barton desperately wanted to be noticed by the curly haired Lula. As her student, he was willing to do anything to keep her attention. He never intended to make her cry. With only one more term until Lula graduates and is forever out of his reach, Barton has to prove to her he has changed — but relationships are not allowed and married women aren’t hired as teachers. Can Barton make up for his mistakes and win Lula’s heart, or will her reluctance to marry prevent them both from finding happiness?

The fifth addition to the Seven Brides of South Dakota series, “Sparks in Spearfish” is a historical romance with an interesting premise. The hero of the tale begins as a bully, and the heroine sees matrimony as something to avoid.  The vibrant characters leap from the pages.  "Sparks" features characters and storylines from previous books in the series and will charm readers who have followed from the beginning. Unfortunately, the flow of the story is often disrupted by Lula’s sudden change in feelings toward Barton. Many significant conversations or actions occur off-screen, and certain issues are never resolved. Still, the happy ending is one western romance lovers will enjoy. 

Sarah E Bradley