Christmas Hotel Reunion

Saundra Staats

Christopher is struggling to accept his wife Jerilyn’s descent into Alzheimer’s disease. He worries for her constantly, even amid his own health struggles. When they have a chance to go back to the Christmas Hotel where they met and have a reunion with those who have become dear friends, they take the chance. For one glorious period, Jerilyn remembers their love and life together, but circumstances soon throw the family into turmoil. Can they find their way back to each other?

 "Christmas Hotel Reunion" is the ending to a series, and many characters from previous books are featured here so fans can feel satisfied with the finale. This author has a flair for writing memorable characters and the way this family pulls together adds a tender facet to the story. Unfortunately, an overabundance of flashbacks and remembrances, as well as entire sermons, scripture passages, and full lyrics from copyrighted songs slow the pacing considerably. This makes it difficult for the reader to really experience the story or relate to the characters. Beyond that, however, the message of hope for those with loved ones suffering from Alzheimer’s disease is a prominent theme, and a sweet reminder that love really can conquer all. With a good content edit, this powerful message will shine even brighter, and touch a broader audience with its compelling narrative.

 Kate Campbell