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Amanda Jarvis has a successful career as a model. Yet, the day her childhood friend and long-time crush, Tyler, kisses her and leaves her before deploying as a Navy Seal, Amanda is crushed. Phoebe Garrison doesn’t want her only niece settling for a nobody like Tyler, when she could have someone like the protective billionaire Eric Bridwell.

Season of Hope
Sara Jane

Amanda Jarvis lives on an isolated mountain with the house next door being vacant. There are no kids her age around.  She prays the house will be filled with a friend preferably a girl, but when it ends up being a boy, she is okay with it. Tyler Armstrong and his mom fit right in with Amanda's family, and they grow up together.

PARANORMAL/SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Archangels Gabriel and Raphael are on a mission to find the children of Azazyel before the Battle of Armageddon hits.  This mission takes them to the surface of Earth, to its depths and beyond, facing many perils along the way.  As their journey takes them from one danger to the next, they pick up an interesting band of characters, from humans to gnomes, dwarves a

WESTERN/HISTORICAL:  Mail-order bride, Mae Ann, is left in dire straits when her intended is murdered mere hours before the wedding.

Cooper Anderson is a billionaire who was just given a baby boy named Brayden. Cooper had no idea he was a father, and the mother was killed in a car accident. He is a busy man, getting ready to move to Indonesia. How can he care for a baby? Luckily, Quinn Thompson shows up at his door and takes the nanny position.  This helps while he tries to find a family to adopt Brayden.