Reviews - Inspirational

Emerald Fire

Maxine and her sisters had a rough start in life – a drug addicted mother, several absent fathers, sexual abuse, their mother’s death, and finally foster care with the three sisters separated.  Will they ever see each other again?   Fast forward to adulthood, the sisters reunited, living fulfilling lives in Boston. 

Molly Stuart has one focus in life – her 12 year old son Sean.  She has distanced herself from her old life in order to protect him from the possibility that “someone” is trying to take him away from her.  Sean is keeping secrets and has not told her about a stranger who he has seen following them...

The Highest Destiny

It’s the first century and Rome rules the world.  In it a young British girl of Druid descent falls in love with a Roman soldier who occupies her homeland.  Following her heart, Daneh accepts the young Corbula’s proposal and travels with him to Rome.  Daneh quickly learns the harsh and bitter truth, however, that in the Roman society of which Corbula is a part, there is no place for a foreigner

Sapphire Ice

Robin Bartlett and her two younger sisters have grown up rough. Though they had the same mother, each of them was fathered by a different man. Drugs, guns and abuse filled their childhood until they were orphaned when a drug deal went wrong. Now twenty-six, Robin works two jobs to support herself and her sisters to see them through college.

The Attaché

Zach Brenner is serving his country with financial motives when disaster hits taking a prized possession, his sight. Mr. Bond carefully walks us through those early days of a new disability with obvious knowledge of what he speaks. The denial, anger and depression are real, causing the reader to hope Zach can accept his new life and find meaning in it.