Emerald Fire

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Maxine and her sisters had a rough start in life – a drug addicted mother, several absent fathers, sexual abuse, their mother’s death, and finally foster care with the three sisters separated.  Will they ever see each other again?   Fast forward to adulthood, the sisters reunited, living fulfilling lives in Boston. 

Maxine is attracted to Barry, her brother-in-law’s friend, they enjoy watching the occasional sporting event on TV; but to Maxine, the relationship means so much more.  However, Barry is married, and any relationship is impossible.  Or is it?  Barry’s wife is unfaithful, wants a divorce, and then dies unexpectedly – now Barry must confront how he feels about God and about Maxine.  Barry’s Christian faith prevents him from treating Maxine casually, but he is full of conflicts.  Their relationship has its ups and downs, as Barry must come to grips with his faith and his love for Maxine.

Hallee Bridgeman writes with intensity and believability, making the reader anxious for more!  The story line jumps around somewhat, which can get distracting.  The secondary characters could also use more development, especially the fascinating  Daniel Crow. A lot of action and information is packed into the beginning, driving the reader ahead to where the story really begins.  The characters and their relationships are delightfully intriguing, and the dialogue is particularly engaging.  This book is the second in a series, but it stands alone well, with an ending that sets up a great story line for the next installment.

Victoria Z. Burg