The Highest Destiny

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It’s the first century and Rome rules the world.  In it a young British girl of Druid descent falls in love with a Roman soldier who occupies her homeland.  Following her heart, Daneh accepts the young Corbula’s proposal and travels with him to Rome.  Daneh quickly learns the harsh and bitter truth, however, that in the Roman society of which Corbula is a part, there is no place for a foreigner as anything but a slave.  Devastated and broken after Corbula marries another woman and allows Daneh’s own child to be taken, Daneh flees to her homeland to heal.

Healing doesn’t come until another powerful Roman intercedes and asks for her hand in marriage.  Growing to love this man deeply, Daneh’s life seems finally at peace as she and Marcus raise their family, successfully avoiding the intrigues of Rome.  They live quietly until the past returns to tear apart the world they have built together and Rome threatens to destroy the world they live in.

Seldom are historical events so deftly entwined within a fictional story and with such riveting beauty as is the case in this story.  Ms. McCabe  has taken a very brutal period in world history and made it come alive, breathing life into the very characters while teaching the reader important truths, both harsh and heartwarming, about Roman rule, politics and way of life.  This would undoubtably be rated a rousing 5 stars if the very end had not fallen into a series of  confusing letters explaining historical events rather than continuing the exquisite story that would have left the reader not only moved but changed.

TJ Mackay