Sapphire Ice

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Robin Bartlett and her two younger sisters have grown up rough. Though they had the same mother, each of them was fathered by a different man. Drugs, guns and abuse filled their childhood until they were orphaned when a drug deal went wrong. Now twenty-six, Robin works two jobs to support herself and her sisters to see them through college.

Antonio 'Tony' Viscolli, also knows what it means to grow up rough. A thief and a thug, he'd grown up on the streets until, at seventeen, he walked into a local church. Since becoming a Christian he's turned his life around. Rich and successful, he's interested in buying the restaurant where Robin bartends and is immediately attracted to the tall, beautiful blonde.  Robin's upbringing, however, tells her men can't be trusted.

The first book in a trilogy of the three sisters, this contemporary Christian romance features the eldest sister, Robin, nearly six feet tall and blonde. There's a nice mix here with the three heroines who are all physically different from each other. Another sister is barely five feet.

Littered liberally with references to the Bible, prayer and Christian standards, It is doubtful this romance novel would appeal to non-Christians. The trilogy is aimed squarely at the Christian market and is rated accordingly. The story is well-written, the characterizations of the protagonists are particularly well-done, giving some really fleshed-out details of their pasts.  Sapphire Ice is a suitably chaste romance for Christians, yet still addresses some of the problems Christians face in a romantic relationship.

Jill MacKenzie