Warriors Journey: Blood Brothers in Christ, Bk. 2

Sadie & Sofie
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Molly Stuart has one focus in life – her 12 year old son Sean.  She has distanced herself from her old life in order to protect him from the possibility that “someone” is trying to take him away from her.  Sean is keeping secrets and has not told her about a stranger who he has seen following them...

After a terrible accident that took the life of her husband, Molly put her years of extreme activism behind her - until Rand Adams shows up again and turns all her emotions inside out.  Is he still the extremist that facilitated her husband’s death or has he really changed? Could he be the one bent on destroying her life or the one man who can save it?

This Christian based novel is most definitely a continuation in a series, unfortunately the authors do not supply any overview or background with which to understand and build the story on. There are numerous references, along with entire plot-lines that carry no explanations but assume the reader knows the background, making a first time reader feel completely lost throughout most of the book.  If one has read the previous installment, this story may rate much higher.  It does hold many interesting twists and turns that are suspenseful and keep the reader guessing and, although there is a budding romance, it is refreshingly clean in both sex and language.

Lynne Coyer