The Attaché

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Zach Brenner is serving his country with financial motives when disaster hits taking a prized possession, his sight. Mr. Bond carefully walks us through those early days of a new disability with obvious knowledge of what he speaks. The denial, anger and depression are real, causing the reader to hope Zach can accept his new life and find meaning in it.

Jessie Weaver is a survivor of 9/11 with a secret. In love with a drifter because of a manuscript he left behind, she has taken a job at Rocky Glen Wood Products on false pretenses. A caring woman, one familiar with life's cruelties, she is adept at helping others.

David Bond's characters are well formed and real, instantly developing a reason for the reader to care. His masculine writing style is surprisingly suited for romance without making Jessie sound masculine in thought or deed. Throughout the novel Bond never misses a beat, letting us know exactly what being blind is like without mauling the subject. Instead, he wraps us in plenty of action complete with a pyromaniac villain, a caring pastor, and a less than ideal family as supporting characters. 

This inspirational romance is truly inspirational sharing with the reader how a challenging life does not have to be debilitating. It provides worthwhile insight for readers from teen to old age.

Erin Murdock