Reviews - Young Adult / New Adult

Starr and Christian are on the run from The Organization whose goons bloodied Christian and attempted to recruit Starr as an assassin. Two of her friends are dead, and the only solace to be found for her is in Christian’s arms.

Persphone, a fireborn fury, has chosen a loveless, political marriage with Vespasian, an earthborn. Both have dark magic flowing through their veins, which responds to and enraptures the other’s, mixing and making them both stronger. With a prophecy ruling their lives, they are forced to remain with one another despite their disdain.

The Clockwork War

STEAMPUNK:  With Princess Myrtle having been killed by Scotsmen, England and Scotland are at war once again. Clara knows her talents lie with machines. She can fix any piece of mechanical equipment placed in front of her and has her own shop to support herself and her brothers.

The Dragon Cager
Lillian Oake

FANTASY/HISTORICAL:  Evie has found herself exiled for crimes she has not committed, due to the governor’s son, Arthur. She is taken out of the village close to the mountains and left to die, but she is rescued by a dragon cager by the name of Lachlann.

PARANORMAL:  Sisters Frost and Eva Abrams are on a school field trip to San Antonio to see the Alamo. While the class is supposed to be learning history, Frost and Eva are more interested in locating Albert Knox, a handsome man with a tendency to chop his women up and put them through a meat grinder.