Starr Lost: Book 2 of the Starr Fall Series

Young Adult

Starr and Christian are on the run from The Organization whose goons bloodied Christian and attempted to recruit Starr as an assassin. Two of her friends are dead, and the only solace to be found for her is in Christian’s arms. Together, the two of them are faced with the seemingly impossible task of asking friends and family for their help to discover more about The Organization and how to bring it crumbling down. They soon find that The Organization much larger than they could ever have dreamed possible. With that realization, they decide to risk everything and seek the aid of a double agent, always leery that he is not who he claims to be.

A thrilling novel showcasing the danger of one entity having too much authority and money. Sadly, many flaws in the writing detract from the ideas the story wants to present. With choppy sentences, minimal world descriptions and underdeveloped characters, the reader is left befuddled at best. The author does a good job, however, describing events from the first book so the audience isn’t completely lost. It does seem the book is trying to reference a popular vampire series in the writing of feelings between the protagonists, with overused clichés and unrealistic expectations for relationships. However, the story must receive kudos for several exiting plot twists that spring up and force the reader to close the book for a second and breathe.

Yannie Sorensen