The Dragon Cager

Lillian Oake
Young Adult

FANTASY/HISTORICAL:  Evie has found herself exiled for crimes she has not committed, due to the governor’s son, Arthur. She is taken out of the village close to the mountains and left to die, but she is rescued by a dragon cager by the name of Lachlann. As she regains her strength and health, she needs to revisit all the folklores she has ever heard regarding cagers and how they apply to Lachlann and those with him. Eventually he is able to win her trust and agrees to help her find her mother and brother. The journey is fraught with perilous adventures and mishaps requiring each to question not only themselves but also each other.

This new and fascinating tale will rivet the reader's attention and light their imagination on fire, making them both gasp and laugh aloud. The characters are all well developed and well rounded. Readers will bond with some and loathe others. Unfortunately, there are two points that cannot simply be ignored — the story is supposed to take place in the England/Scotland area, though the writing is obviously American English. The second place for pause is the sometimes confusing and chaotic world building. However, there are not many stories capable of leaving the reader bereft when finished reading,  yet this unique book does just that.

Yannie Sorensen