Reviews - Young Adult / New Adult

Halcyon: A Sentinel Novel
Caroline Akervik,
Ruth Rankin

SCI-FI:  Hailey is the new girl at University School, the high school she has been dragged to for her parents’ work. She is striving hard to fit in with the popular crowd, trying not to commit social suicide and become an outcast. To accomplish that goal, she hangs out with Chelsea and Preston—the rulers of the school’s social order.

On the Edge of Tomorrow
Emerald Barnes, Elise Manion, Tracey Hewitt Meyer, Caytlyn Brooke, Jean Booth,
Sara Daniell, Landen West, Margaret Nerz Iribarne, John Darryl Winston

Teenagers deal with all kinds of problems and emotions, but in this diverse collection of novellas nine authors show teens dealing with death, illness, assault, bullying, and suicidal thoughts, while at the same time making friends, discovering their identities, and finding hope.

Riches to Rags
Casey L

FANTASY/ANTHOLOGY:  Most girls dream of being princesses, but one princess just wants to be a normal girl. Ella Carina, princess of Aelawyn, knows the brutality and lies of her father’s rule. He treats her and her sister as pawns, betrothing both away for what political gain they can earn him. Her freedom comes from an unexpected attack on the castle.

FANTASY:  Sarafina Wickeson loves to play with the fairies in the woods by her house.  One day, after suffering a broken arm while playing, her mother leaves her in an insane asylum for a short time, so Sarah can see what happens to people who see fairies.  After this terrifying ordeal, Sarah agrees to firmly shut her eyes and mind to the fairy realm and to act like a normal girl.  All goes wel

FANTASY:  In this third book in The Chosen Chronicles saga, Tolen and Macy must now part ways and follow their separate paths in service to The Light.  Tolen must journey to the Zenith to complete his transcendence, and Macy must go in search of the Last Shard.  However, their paths are neither straight nor free of obstacles and along the way both find groups of helpers and must learn to trust