The Dead Shall Live: The Fury Triad Part 2

Young Adult

Persphone, a fireborn fury, has chosen a loveless, political marriage with Vespasian, an earthborn. Both have dark magic flowing through their veins, which responds to and enraptures the other’s, mixing and making them both stronger. With a prophecy ruling their lives, they are forced to remain with one another despite their disdain. With a mutual hatred of the pure evil fireborn king, they will cross oceans to assist one another. Now, fighting to find pieces of ancient magic that will help them both to be stronger and find the king’s weakness, they have to reevaluate their marriage, who they are, and the powerful secrets hidden within each of their souls.

This fierce story has the power to transport its readers to a time and place where magic abounds. It holds the audience suspended, attempting to figure out the next move. Sadly, that place isn’t described for the first while, and there are no visual cues to show readers where they’ve landed. The two protagonists are well-written and do not lack depth, however, that cannot be said for the majority of other characters. It is clear this book is a sequel, and cannot stand-alone, especially as it begins in the middle of a scene. The mechanics are a little flawed, leaving the reader questioning some elements of the plot, but the climax pushes all worry and concern away, leaving one simply breathless trying to turn the page faster. 

Yannie Sorensen