The Clockwork War

Young Adult

STEAMPUNK:  With Princess Myrtle having been killed by Scotsmen, England and Scotland are at war once again. Clara knows her talents lie with machines. She can fix any piece of mechanical equipment placed in front of her and has her own shop to support herself and her brothers. When a cocky, confident young man shows up claiming he has been sent, on his uncle’s bidding, to collect her, she must make the decision to move forward in her life. Neither she, nor this headstrong young lad, know that she is the key to London’s safe future and his.

This riveting and unique story sure packs a wallop, with an unforgettable idea and easily relatable characters. It takes the reader on a ride to figure out the nefarious plans of the predictable villain, while making hearts ache for the two protagonists to be together. The characters enjoy speaking with one another, and after the first quarter of the book their dialogue finally becomes natural. The story transplants the audience into a world they will not have encountered before, and sometimes leaves them confused wondering just where they are. The conclusion is beautifully mastered to leave just enough questions unanswered to make waiting for the next installment a near impossibility.

Yannie Sorensen