Hush, Now Forget (Sisters of Bloodcreek #1)

Mary Gray,
Cammie Larsen
Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Sisters Frost and Eva Abrams are on a school field trip to San Antonio to see the Alamo. While the class is supposed to be learning history, Frost and Eva are more interested in locating Albert Knox, a handsome man with a tendency to chop his women up and put them through a meat grinder. Knox also happens to be a spirit entity known as the Blurred One.  While trying to figure out how to lure Knox to them, Frost and Eva run into Raylan, a hunky ghost hunter, and Leo, a ghost who has a history with Frost. Unfortunately, their attempts to lure Knox to them are more than successful and Knox develops an obsession with Eva. With the help of their ghost hunter Aunt Maggie, Frost and Eva have to work with Raylan and Leo to banish Knox for good, before he takes those they love with him.

From the very first pages, this story is off and running, without a lot of build up.  Frost, Eva and their Aunt Maggie are wonderfully drawn, feisty women.  The dialogue these three characters have with one another really brings the story to life. Unfortunately, there is a lack of background information needed to explain the novel’s mythology.  The questions are answered, eventually, although not necessarily directly. Overall, this is a very solid first book that combines paranormal and Christian themes in a unique way that makes for a very entertaining read. A warning to readers, this book contains scenes of abuse and violence that may be disturbing to some readers.

Elissa Blabac