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Zack Liller and his sister have been hired to research and certify the paranormal activity at the Granwin House, a haunted B&B hotel in the small town of Wickwood. Zack, a psychic paranormal investigator, is looking for a field assistant to hire for his sister’s firm.

Cooper Thompson, former Navy SEAL now security and protection agent, is trying his best to ignore the attraction to his buddy’s younger sister. But when he finds out she has put a kiss in the rain from him on her bucket list, he goes against his better judgment and grants her wish.

Ophelia is a mystic who can predict the future and desires a family of her own. She has seen the birth of her child at a young age and knows who the father will be. Ulric is an earth worker, who lost a wife and child from a previous marriage and their deaths and the guilt nearly destroyed him.

Breanna is a rebel, who has had to watch from the sidelines as her family races. She dreams of racing one day and leaving Arkadia, Texas. Noah left the Marines after witnessing and doing terrible things and wants nothing more than to find peace. A chance encounter has him working for Breanna’s family. The sparks fly between them whenever they are around one another.

Catching the Cowboy

Emery Brighton thinks her family name puts her above the law until she finds herself in front of a judge who happens to be her uncle. Realizing his spoiled niece deserves a lesson to break her out of her self-centered lifestyle, he punishes her with community service.