Saint Bloodbath

Frederick Douglas

TRUE CRIME: A homicide in Long Beach, California, takes two detectives on a crazy journey to find a killer. Detectives McGuire and Cortes must use all their experience from their years on the force to put together the pieces of a very grizzly puzzle. With so many obstacles in their way, they will find themselves traveling distances they never anticipated in order to bring the killer to justice. The murders are horrific and give an insight into the workings of the police department when they are faced with a difficult case.

*This is a true crime book that has detailed accounts of murders that occurred, reader discretion is advised.*

Fans of true crime and even crime fiction will love this offering from Frederick Douglas Reynolds. The story keeps the reader gripped throughout, and will have them on the edge of their seat. The writing is great and the pace is even which will have time passing quickly – so if starting it before bed, be aware that it might keep one up all night! The book is well researched and it is clear that the author knows what they are doing when it comes to writing true crime, while still being able to keep the interest of the reader. This is definitely one to add to the e-reader this holiday season – wrapped up in a blanket with a hot drink and a roaring fire would be the best way to enjoy this book. Frederick Douglas Reynolds is an author that people will read again and again, and if this is the first book of his read, readers will head out check out his other offerings.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick