Whiskey Gifts


Josie is running on empty; the flu has hit her staff hard, and she is running to keep up with the steady flow of bar patrons. The holiday hub-bub that is drawing a steady dining crew is almost too much. While out back dumping the trash, Josie discovers a young girl, who looks like a runaway. The Wisconsin winter is upon them, and Josie is concerned the girl will freeze. With that she makes sure to leave food, cold weather supplies, and always a tender note to let the girl know she can come for help. Judge has finally found a woman that makes his heart skip a beat, and it only took him his fifty years to find her. He’d do anything for Josie and those she loves and holds dear. Now with a stranger asking about his ‘missing daughter’, the crew of Whiskey Falls needs to find the girl before he does – and can Judge rescue Josie’s Christmas spirit in the process?

“Whiskey Gifts” is the gift that keeps giving, long after the story ends! Ms. Rivers has delivered another amazing installment in the Whiskey Falls series. This is book four and stands alone, however, with many repeat characters that we learn to love in the previous books, readers would glean more from reading them prior. Josie is a hoot and every one’s favorite ‘mom’ figure. Her strong sense of self and love of her family and friends shines throughout all her actions. Judge is her best suited Alpha male, and the way he takes care of his own is endearing throughout the tale. The suspense of the runaway and the subplot of the family growing with a pregnancy is a treat in itself. The arc is steady and flows rapidly, meaning readers will not put this one down until the very end! Simply fabulous from start to finish.

Viola Robbins