Deadly Betrayal


The last thing Cassie wanted was to move back to the Gulf Shores of Mississippi and start over. Her marriage has failed, and the numerous times she was passed over for an FBI field agent position is enough to know its not happening. Upon her return, she’s set to begin a new job with a local Ma and Pa private investigating team. She will show up her first day, just so she can quit. She seriously needs a do-over in life! Her new employers have a case brewing on her first day, and it just so happens to involve her high school boyfriend (JD) who left years ago with no contact at all. Once she realizes JD is in real trouble, Cassie decides to stay on and is ‘all in’ to solve her first case!

“Deadly Betrayal” is a fast moving, suspenseful murder mystery! The history between high school friends is deep and sincere… until it isn’t. Ms. Kell has a multi- layered drama with a murder and a young boy left in its wake. The starting pace is a bit slow but builds nicely… and then it’s over. Readers may have a hard time as the slow burn of a second chance is always near the surface, and then it’s happening.  The supporting family members are a draw to the authenticity of the book. This is book one in the series and does stand alone, however, readers may want for more and follow up on JD, Cassie, and Kyle Henry as they begin their next chapter

Viola Robbins