The Long Road Home


Jenna’s cheating husband is facing legal charges; honestly her marriage has been over for quite some time. He’s been an absent father (not to mention lover), so now is the time for Jenna and her daughter to head home to Oregon. With Boston in her rearview mirror, she’s now dealing with her mother’s last possessions, home, and her final farewell. Luke Stillwater is unsettled and at a loss since his best friend and bandmate overdosed and died. Heading back to Bend, Oregon, where Luke has fond memories of his grandparents, their country home he continues to pay taxes on, and of course, his one and only love… Luke longs to know how Jenna is and knows about her married life in Boston, which is a far cry from their home turf where their story began as kids and a first love.

“The Long Road Home” will have readers fully engaged from the very beginning. The protagonists are both dealing with damages to their hearts, minds, and spirits. The draw which pulls them ‘home’ is a comfort many will admire. The additional family and friends which make up supporting characters are drawn perfectly, especially the villain. The arc of the story holds at a steady pace, although a second chance at love is not an uncommon trope, this one holds its own. This does state Book One in a Duet… so beware, it ends quite suddenly in the middle of the story, just as things really get cooking! Have the second book at the ready as they should never have been separated. Ms. Crum nails the Rock ‘n Roll lifestyle and all the drama that surrounds it.

Viola Robbins