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Winter of Solace
Le Veque

“Winter of Solace” opens with a scene that proves Caius d’Avignon does not give up on a challenge, even the challenge of remaining a bachelor. Premier knight, Caius d’Avignon, also known as The Britannia Viper, is sent to resolve the tension between neighbors. To Caius’ surprise, the reported situation is false, and he finds himself torn between loyalties.

Tangled Promises

Melody Rose, the owner of The Tangled Rose Cafe and longtime resident of Rock Ledge, encounters a fugitive on the run from a nearby plane crash. Sheriff Jake Bennett, the new handsome bachelor in town, may seem like Melody’s knight in shining armor, but Melody remains loyal to the memories of her deceased husband.

Wynne has a lot going on. Not only has she been the head of her coven since her mother went missing, she has just been offered a place on the prestigious Council, and she is dealing with a curse that leaves her as stony as a Gargoyle every sunrise and sunset.

When Lord Dumberton, Ian Blake, loses his wife, society can’t decide whether he is a murderer or whether he just failed to protect his depressed wife. Either way it has certainly put a tarnish on his reputation. Not that he cares.

Two stories, two generations, one common destination. In 1966 Maggie ends up in Shadow Brook alone with her baby daughter, wondering how she will survive all that is still to come and feeling completely alone. Almost 30 years later, 1995 finds Rachel with a situation she could never have imagined.